McVitie’s – Senses of Summer


McVitie’s biscuits are a big deal in the UK, but they needed help launching in Canada. We created a fun idea that involved multiple Canadian cities. Dubbed the “Senses of Summer”, we wanted people to try the product and engage with the brand in a fun and memorable way – by organizing beach days.

We created fully immersive bus stops and a bus route to pick up anyone wanting to take part in the free event. Bus stops were taken over to become experiential activations that would provide the sounds, scents and look of summer activities (like a campfire or the drive-in).

The destination was the beach where free admission to the McVitie’s beach party and treats at the McVitie’s ice cream sandwich truck was waiting. The activation team led beach games and handed out free swag.

Everything was designed to associate McVitie’s with summer as the perfect summer treat.

My part of the project

  • Overall Concept
  • Specific Design Concepts
  • Copy
  • Digital Features